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NO LICENSE REQUIRED! Yes, that is correct. Anyone can be a roofing contractor in Georgia. The State does not require roofing contractors to be licensed. There is NO regulation on how a roof is installed. The most important component to your home is your roof, so be careful who you hire. EXPERIENCE is what you need to look for. Hiring the right contractor is key! Poor roof installations are often not noticed for years, and the likelihood your contractor will be around to address an issue is very unlikely.

Don't get drawn in by fancy commercials and cute animals. Before you choose a contractor, ask questions, do your research. Not all contractors are the same, sometimes bigger isn't necessarily better in the roofing business. At AAG Enterprises the OWNER oversees every installation to assure the highest level of expert installations. Big companies just can't offer this type of personal attention. 

If you are in need of residential roofing services, AAG Enterprises is your local company you can trust. We provide business owners and homeowners in Georgia with professional service and effective solutions.  Complete customer satisfaction is always our number one goal.

  • A professional, friendly, and effective crew of experts.
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Insurance Claims

It is estimated that 80% of the roofing companies out there only do insurance claims. While they promise they can get your roof replaced AT NO COST to you, this is very misleading. While storms do cause roofing damage, only the adjuster can determine if enough damage was caused to justify a claim. Don't let a "Storm Chaser" roofing company fly a drone over your roof and promise to get you a roof. Honest roofing companies are upfront about the damage and can either suggest a call to your insurance company is in order or tell you it isn't worth the effort. While almost all roofing companies offer "free" roof inspections, only a select few will be honest with you about the condition of your roof. After all, their goal is to SELL you a roof. Less than half of the roofs we inspect end up needing replaced immediately. When we inspect we provide a written assessment of your roof, and make suggestions on when it should be replaced.


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